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Recycled Serving Dishes

Recycled Serving Dishes

Personalised glass engraving on recycled bottles, wine glasses and tumblers make the perfect thoughtful gift.


All hand crafted by Sammy - a very tallented Kenyan. Just tell him what you want and presto - it's done!  We've had so many requests: poqupine wine glases, a Dr Seuss desktop tidy, to simple 'Congratulations Tanya' engraved on a full bottle of proseco! Tumblers with company logos, water bottles with seahorses and bottle lights with dragon flies. But my personal favourite are the geko glasses and dog portraits on recycled bottles of whisky.


// Empowering creativity in Kenya // Saving the Environment // Recycled glass // Helping you get your mojo back

  • On Request

    Please note this product is only avaliable on request. Please contact to make arrangements or +254700111514 as we cannot deliver internationally yet. 

    Mpesa number +254700111514

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