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Lying on Ice

If you want to know my life - Ask my shoe"

Make your own book

A shoe can’t smile, but a face can - even when we tired and unhappy.


This book will be a collection of apparently boring photos of your shoes as they walk with you during your very normal day-to-day life. The thing is "your normal" is not the same as "my normal".  And that's what makes it interesting.  Also there is something special about these photos. No one wants to remember a shoe, but we all want to remember where we've been.

These photos make you think

And a keepsake of your real life memories is born

Try it yourself now...

Notice where you are

Having coffee?

Take a photo of your shoes


Recall the memory

Wait a week

Watch the Video

Follow the video tutorial steps and you will be able make your own book.

It's not that easy, but it's not that hard either

Just set aside an afternoon. Focus. Be present and do it. It'll be worth it. I promise.

The process is therapeutic. The result - a keepsake for life.

If you want to share your book in the Mojo Library,
send me the Amazon link 

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"Ask My Shoe"

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